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Pelican Gun Cases

Pelican 1470 Pistol/Handgun case with custom foamPelican Gun Cases are second to none. When it comes to protecting your valuable equipment Pelican gun cases are unparalleled in their performance. Made out of a tough ultra high density copolymer, pelican case are almost indestructible and will last the user a life time. Guaranteed for life, these cases could have a house fall on top of them and end up completely fine. When it comes to storing your firearms, the 1470 case is perfect. It comes with lockable clasps that can be locked up to secure your pistols against unwanted tampering or from being stolen. Only the key-holder will have access. The case itself features a neoprene o-ring seal that, in conjunction with a tongue and groove design between the lid and base, makes the case completely waterproof and airtight. That means that a person could drop a Pelican gun case into the ocean and still expect all of the contents inside to remain bone-dry. An automatic pressure equalization valve allows the user to take the case to varying elevations and atmospheric pressures and still have the case be easy to open as ever. The valve allows for the pressure inside the case to be the same as the outside of case at alPelican 1470 Casel times so that a vacuum effect is never an issue when opening the case. The valve is also waterproof so taking a Pelican gun case underwater is still not an issue. The inside of Pelican gun cases, when bought from this website, can feature any type of interior available for cases. These interiors include pick and pluck foam, which a user can cut and piece apart to his or her liking, or custom foam, which is one of the most secure way to transport equipment when used in conjunction with a Pelican case. Pelican gun cases also feature easy to use double action clasps that hold the case shut tight, while still allowing for easy access without the use of excessive force to open the case. This specific case, the Pelican 1470, is unique among Pelican gun cases in that it looks just like a normal briefcase and can be carried like one. The comfort grip handle is a breeze to use and overall the case (at least the black one) appears nondescript. Normally the 1470 is used for laptops but with its wide and shallow design it is ideal for transporting or storing multiple pistols and handgun accessories and ammunition. Seen in the picture is a 1470 Pelican gun case with a custom foam insert for a pistol along with extra magazines and accessories. One main draw to Pelican gun cases is that it doesn’t make sense to store an expensive firearm (or other equipment) in a cheap case. Pelican gun cases don’t mess around when it comes to standards. Tested to outperform military standards as well as ATA and a slew of other testers, Pelican gun cases are high quality controlled products that live up to their lifetime guarantee. And honestly, doesn’t an “Unconditional Lifetime Guarantee,” with the promise of replacing broken cases, speak for itself?

Pelican 1470 Case


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