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Pelican 1470 Case For Insurance

Life is on a constant move for an insurance claims adjuster, as they have to go about sorting out many insurance claims cases simultaneously at one time. While doing all this, they need to carry large confidential files pertaining to each insurance claim, their laptop and other important documents all in one case.
The Pelican 1470 case is one such “briefcase”, that is meant to give these insurance claims adjuster the ease of carrying but at the same time full proof protection to their documents and other important things. Let’s check out how.
Unlike a normal briefcase, a Pelican 1470 provides unmatched protection against water, dust and any other damage. Further, the case is made of high-impact material, which is virtually indestructible, and on a lighter note the lifetime guarantee of excellence keeps it insured for long so that the insurance claims adjuster has no worry about its claim.

The Pelican 1470 cases are bound to be a good companion of these insurance claims adjuster as they can bear up the toughest of the conditions yet keep the inside belongings safe and secure. They are easy to handle with double throw latches that can be opened up quite easily but keep the case tightly sealed when not open. The rubber molded handle gives an easy and comfortable grip to carry it anywhere.

Add to these features are the built-in locks that gives access only to their owners so these insurance claims adjusters can remain free from the tension of any theft of confidential insurance papers they have to keep up with. Add optional TSA when on travel since they are approved by the TSA and therefore easily accessible to TSA inspectors without breaking them. This makes things smoother for these insurance claim adjusters when they are traveling in relation to their job.

These cases can be shipped through any mode of transportation as they are built on specific guidelines approved by ATA in Spec 300 Category 1. Cases made with these specifications can withstand the toughest conditions while being transported frequently. Made of lightweight material they are easy to carry for these insurance claim adjusters who require constant travel.
Pelican 1470 case forms a good company for these insurance claims adjusters due to its unmatched qualities of keeping confidential documents safe and secure as well as handy in the case. It is one such case that has been made keeping in mind the modern business use. Having the simple features of briefcase but unique protection qualities make Pelican 1470 case a prefect one to suit the challenging job of an insurance claims adjuster. So, if you are one of them buying a Pelican 1470 case will never let you down n your business.

Pelican 1470 Case


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