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Pelican 1470 Case Can Be Used by a College Professor

For a college professor what could best be used to carry their books, notes and laptops all in one case a “briefcase” other than Pelican 1470? The Pelican 1470 is not just a normal briefcase but gives a whole new meaning to your world. While it provides the ease of carrying a briefcase, the features such as protection against water and unpredictable shocks and damages makes it worth for a college professor to pick it up for purchase. This is due to the fact that they can keep their useful notes, books, presentations and even their laptop in one case so they have everything ready when they are in the class or out in field to teach.

The indestructible and sturdy case is the right answer for college professors. Pelican 1470 cases are built with maximum strength yet they are easy to manage. The handle molded out of rubber gives a comfortable yet tight grip to the case in any situation. Keeping in mind, the various business usage of this Pelican 1470 case, the double throw latches are also made to keep the case tightly closed but at the same time easy to open whenever required.

With built-in locks these cases give access to their owner, the college professors keeping confidential exam papers safe and secure. As an added bonus, purchase TSA locks which are approved by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) making it easy for TSA inspectors to easily check through these cases without the need to break the locks and hassle free for the user while they are on travel. These cases have been built on the guidelines specified by ATA Spec 300 Category 1 and therefore can withstand any kind of harshness when constantly shipped through any mode of transportation. Being lightweight they can be carried effortlessly by college professors either to the classroom or the field studies or while participating in a conference.

The Pelican 1470 case is meant to give these college professors peace of mind with its unique qualities as a briefcase. These cases come with a lifetime guarantee of excellence making them a good investment as well as a good companion to meet the challenges of day-to-day life of a college professor. So as a college professor, if you are looking for a strong, crushproof, waterproof, and above all student proof brief case then Pelican 1470 is one case to get hold of. The slim design and the rubber handle make it easy to carry the Pelican 1470 case wherever one goes and the strong built to ensure all your belongings are kept safe and secure.

Pelican 1470 Case


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