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Pelican 1470 Case Benefits

You can stumble upon many cases if you do your search online. But if you are in need of something versatile and built to make you feel better, then the Pelican 1470 case is the one for you. Designed to have the feel of a briefcase, it comes with a style that appeals to those in the business world and non-business world alike.
You can have a good grip on the handle of your Pelican 1470 case even when wet, because the handle is covered with rubber to promote a firm grip. The case also comes with a special locking system for maximum safety of your items. The Pelican 1470 comes with latches that lock the case firmly. Although the case is firmly shut, it can still easily be opened by the user. The latches are designed to go over each other easily, like a lever, thereby aiding ease of case opening without stress on your part.

The Pelican 1470 case is made to prevent passage of water even when submerged underwater. It integrates a one-way pressure equalizer that works automatically. The equalizer, which is a valve system, releases any pressure caused by built-up air in the case, while barring water from gaining access into same. With such design incorporated, the Pelican 1470 case is 100% watertight that gives you peace of mind even when caught up in the rain. There is also an option for a personalized name plate, which can help you to distinguish your case from another.

The Pelican 1470 case is made to be sturdy, dust proof, and crush proof. It never rattles when put under any form of stress, as it is made to withstand impact without bowing out. It could be quite misleading if you thought with all these the case would be heavy, but on the contrary, the case weighs light. Check out the sealing system of the case which uses an o-ring around its perimeter to seal off contaminating substances from your item. The added security feature comes in the sense of a built in key lock designed to give access to you alone. Even when going out for fishing, or any other kind of work that requires you carrying some special items; you can secure them in an optional pick and pluck foam in the case.

The Pelican 1470 case comes with stainless steel hardware, and is backed with a lifetime guarantee of excellence. The case also comes with an optional TSA approved lock, which will help to ease the opening of your case by TSA inspectors without having to break the lock. The case is designed to give you comfort and style. It comes in different lovely fade resistant colors you will find hard to resist, coupled with a long lasting surface finish. No other case is made to meet your needs like the Pelican 1470. From every other need of yours, there is an angle of the case that will guarantee your satisfaction.

Pelican 1470 Case


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