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Pelican 1470 Case Comfort HandleCarrying cases come in all shapes and sizes, from aluminum to plastic and from small to large. Pelican Products perhaps makes the toughest of the bunch though. Pelicans carrying cases range in size from the pocketable micro-cases to the ultra sturdy large cases it offers. Perhaps the most reasonably sized carrying cases offered by pelican include the Pelican 1470, which is essentially the size of a briefcase, and is commonly used for laptops and documents, and the 1490 and 1495 cases, which are specifically designed to tote a laptop in one of the securest ways possible. These carrying cases offer the outstanding protection of a hard case while maintaining a convenient pick-up-and-go mentality towards transportation. The Pelican 1470, 1490, and 1495 carrying cases come with a comfort-grip molded handle that is easy on the hand for longer distPelican 1470 Case Openances. These cases are watertight and airtight thanks to a neoprene o-ring seal, so even if they are dropped in water the contents will remain safe and dry. An automatic waterproof pressure equalization valve keeps the pressure inside the case the same as outside the case. This means that when opening Pelican carrying cases at a high or low elevation, the effect normally caused by a vacuum in or out of the case is completely negated. The shell of these cases is made out of an ultra high density copolymer polypropylene that is almost indestructible, and more than enough to deal with rough handling situations. The inside of the case varies on what the consumer wants, these carrying cases can come empty, with standard pick and pluck foam, or with custom foam. Empty cases are certainly useful for items that can rattle around without taking damage, but for everything else foam is usually a better option. Imagine your laptop being completely secure in your carrying case, not only from being dropped, but having liquid spilled on it or even from being opened. The Pelican 1470 and 1490 carrying cases come with lockable clasps that need a key to get into, and the Pelican 1495 has padlockable hasps covered in stainless steel for enhanced protection. Carrying cases is something we do very well here at Case Club, we pride ourselves in having not only excellent service, but also timely shipping (often within hours of an online purchase), and helping customers with dynamic solutions to their packaging needs. In terms of Carrying Cases we sell the best, and with our custom foam insert option we can fit anything you own into a case and have it fit snuggly into a precisely cut foam cavity in the shape of the item. As for Pelican carrying cases specifically they are the toughest around, they will not break, corrode, freeze, melt, or melt from chemicals under any non-abusive conditions. They have a lifetime guarantee that promises to replace the case if broken or defective, although when Pelican makes cases that have surpassed military-grade testing standards and ATA (Air Transit Authority) testing standard then you would be hard-pressed break this case.

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