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Pelican 1470 Briefcase

If there is any case worth having, that is suitable for both the corporate and industrial world, the Pelican 1470 case stands out. Not only is the case designed to look like a briefcase, it comes with a slim depth design and feel that can make it pass for a perfect briefcase. The case is built with a high level of security in mind so that you do not have to worry whether your items are safe or not. The rubber molded handle commands a firm grip for you that shows confidence.

The Pelican 1470 case incorporates security features like in-built locking latches that comes with padlock holes for maximum security of valuable items. Unlike most opening mishaps encountered with other cases, the Pelican 1470 is built with latches that have a double throw quality aimed at ensuring ease of case opening when required. What you need to know is that, although the latch shuts tightly, when you are ready to open it, the latch will move like a lever, which enhances ease of opening. The look of the latches also contributes to the acceptance of the case by those in the business world. And most users love the provision of a personalized name plate service on this case.

Also designed with an automatic pressure equalization valve, the Pelican 1470 case is impenetrable by water. Whether you feel like taking it for a swimming expedition, it will not allow water penetration even when submerged. There is a further sealing of the case with the provision of an o-ring around its perimeter. It is built to be dust proof, and can withstand high impact without having to clatter. The Pelican 1470 case comes with accessories like the TSA approved locking system. This allows TSA (Transport Security Administration) personnel the opportunity to lock and unlock your case easily without having to break the lock.

If you make use of valuable items like a caliper or micrometer screw gauge, the Pelican 1470 case has an optional pick and pluck foam that will enable you secure such items firmly. This will help to keep your tools efficient since they will not be rocking against each other when in transit. The pick and pluck foam comes with precut or perforated small sized foam that you can easily detach to accommodate your item. As your item sits into the foam, it will not allow it to move or fall out. With a lifetime guarantee, the Pelican 1470 has proven to be the choice of those in search of something sturdy and flexible.
With all the rugged features of the Pelican 1470 case, you may think that it is one hell of a heavy case. But on the contrary, the case is light weight. It is well engineered with modern technology, and comes with stainless steel hardware. For all your needs for a case with quality and style, while keeping things as cool as possible, let the Pelican 1470 case be your choice for the next move.

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