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Pelican 1470 Case For an Attorney

A job of an attorney is quite challenging and full of risks. Being a legal advisor they need to carry confidential legal documents of their clients whenever there is some hearing in the court or otherwise when required. Since these documents have legal issues and are extremely important for representing their clients, these need to be kept with extra security and care. What could be the best option other than a Pelican 1470 case that is a “briefcase” with a difference? Unlike normal briefcases, the Pelican 1470 case is tough built and provides effective protection against water, dust or any other damage. It is therefore well suited for attorney’s to carry their important confidential papers and other materials while on work.

The Pelican 1470 case is different from normal briefcases in a sense that it is made from high-impact material, which makes it practically indestructible to any kind of brutality. Built with such strength these cases are easy to handle and carry. With a rubber molded handle to carry these cases have comfortable and tight grip even in wet conditions. The double throw latches are meant to keep the case tightly closed but easy to open at the time of need. There are these in-built TSA approved locks that give access only to their owner or the TSA inspector otherwise just make it sure for the attorneys that their documents don’t fall in wrong hands.
Since these locks are approved by Transportation Security Administration (TSA) it makes it easy for TSA inspectors to check through these cases and don’t break the locks as well. For attorneys who need to travel frequently this indeed is an advantage for hassle free inspection of their cases. In addition, these cases are built on guidelines specified by ATA Spec 300 Category 1 and therefore sturdy enough to take on any kind of harshness during frequent travel either by bus, train, air or ships. One can carry these cases effortlessly as they are made of lightweight material as per these ATA specifications.

Pelican 1470 is therefore an ideal match for the attorneys whose day starts with a legal proceedings and end at it. They can bring home peace of mind with Pelican 1470 as their companion to take care of their important documents and other materials and with lifetime guarantee of excellence that comes by default with these cases they are there to stay long with them. This is one case to single out for an attorney, as it is tough, waterproof, dustproof, crushproof meeting their requirements of a trustworthy case. The easy to carry Pelican 1470 case with its slim design and strong built could be their best companion keeping their belongings safe and secure from any kind of threat whatsoever.

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